Welcome at my page. I'm freelance software developer living in Wiesbaden, Germany and develop software for profit and fun (if I get time to do this). At the moment I develop (mostly) various web based applications in java language, but I also have skills completely different programing areas. See my profile (In german language) for complete details.

Kunden / Projektvermittler

Ich und mein Partner bieten Software-Beratung und Entwicklung als J Tec Team GbR, und stehen sowohl einzeln als auch als Team zu Verfügung. Detailierte Skill-Profil und Beschreibung der bischeriger Projekte finden Sie aus Profil-Seite (deutsch).

Fun stuff

Over the time I have developed and operate several websites. I use them primarily for my personal fun, and to test and develop various technologies which I'm using for my customers:

  • Yook.de - free java games (since 1999)
  • Geldjagd - database of euro notes (since 2000)
  • Linkomatic - java based link exchange (since 2007)
Open Source Projects

I'm active open source developer and participate in several open source projects in various roles:

  • JavaOCR - OCR and image processing library for java and android.
  • XDoclet 1 - well known code generation engine for java.
  • XDoclet 2 - next generation of xdoclet, not technically related to xdoclet 1, but provides the same functionality.
  • Pico/Nanocontainer - lightweight dependency injection container. I'm mostly active in core, web integration and persistence support
  • JTec Components - lightweight components for development of web based applications. I actually use those in my customer projects. All those libraries are best used in DI environment (pico/nanocontainer is preferred). Contains lot of interesting stuff - menu, validation, user management etc.
Websites for customers

Over the time I developed several web projects for customers and some of them are still onlne and bringing profit (unfortunately some companies also went out of operation and discontinued their websites)

  • MyDiablo.de - Configuration tool for diablo 2 characters ( in case you do not know what is it, visit Blizzard )
  • UNITRACC stays for UNderground Infrastructure TRaining And Competence Center. Developed in java, own content management system, own portal-like framework.
  • MEI GmbH - small medical electronics company. Site features perl-based CMS ( HTML::Mason )